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Find Out If You Have A Cheating Spouse Or Not

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Find Out If You Have A Cheating Spouse Or Not

What could be the possible characteristics of a cheating spouse? A spouse that is no more interested in you doesn’t care about you anymore. The spouse enjoys time being alone or outside of the home. He/She easily gets annoyed on your small mistakes, jokes and your trivial efforts to get his/her attention. He/She spends time on phone calls. He/She doesn’t relish the moments you both once used to when alone and many other possible reasons. We will try to discuss few of the aforementioned points to help you in determining either your spouse is cheating you or not. Normally a cheating spouse has almost all the characteristics I’ve mentioned above. These characteristics are related to human psychology and therefore exists in every human under similar conditions. With little social engineering and learning about human psychology you can find out more peculiarities about a person living anywhere around the world.

First point is that the cheating spouse is no more interested in you. The days after marriage are memorable days and one just can’t forget these days. Normally these days are unique and we can’t have the same experience again in our life. The whole martial life doesn’t remain as of those days. So if you think there is a very little change in the attitude of your spouse as the time passes then it is somewhat natural. Everyone changes with time. But if you feel that as the time is passing the spouse is trying to avoid you, i.e. he/she doesn’t spend much time with you and also doesn’t share with you his/her daily interesting happenings, then you should take necessary steps to close this growing distance. Try not to avoid him/her as an answer to his/her attitude. Don’t react back and ask him/her for the problem if he/she is mentally disturbed or is there anything else wrong.

Second point is that the cheating spouse prefers sitting alone and away from you over sitting with you and have a cup of tea or coffee together. Loving couples love to eat, drink and spend leisure time together. They go to parks, beach or like sitting in their home lawn. This increases understanding. If you think that your spouse is not interested in doing anything either then many possibilities are that he/she is already satisfied with this kind of activity, mean to say he/she has already spent time with someone over such places. Being an optimistic you can think that your spouse is mentally disturbed and is thinking hard to solve a problem he/she is facing. You should consider asking him/her to tell you what is the reason behind not doing such activity. You should validate his/her answer to find the truth. If he/she gives you a solid answer with compelling facts then he/she might be right and is mentally disturbed.

You are in mode of playing with your spouse and you manage to start a social game, the cheating spouse will get angry and a good spouse will jump into the game. Again the same two possibilities are present, either the spouse is solving a huge problem on his own and is not interested in doing anything with anyone or he/she is cheating you. If you see your spouse relaxed and happy all the time but he/she gets irritated by your games and pokes then it means that he/she is now more interested in playing with someone else. These three points will help you guessing either your spouse is cheating you or not. Try to be polite with your spouse and take more care of him/her once one or two above mentioned characteristics start appearing. Try to understand your spouse and spend time with him/her.

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