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Employee & Pre-Employment Checks

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Employee & Pre-Employment Checks

Private Investigators are useful for employers to engage professional private investigator to conduct employee, pre-employment Checks and due diligence investigation to protect and safe guard their company’s assert.

In fact, any one can make use of the services of private investigators for a wide variety of reasons. Some do it on background checks on their own company’s directors, employees or false declare of information on bio-data. This is to ensure that all the businesses belong to the company are in track and information is true and correct.

There are cases where employees show suspicious behavior which will lead the employer to believe that their employee may have set up their own company to run the same business or ex-staffs who work or selling company’s information and idea to their business competitors, especially those key personal who hold a high rank position in the company who involved in Monterey or Sales marketing, including of warehouse staffs.

Hiring private investigators is usual for decision makers or corporate company’s to prevent huge loses in their business by using intelligent and crime prevention to prevent company’s monetary losses, homicide, theft, cheating or criminal beach of trust from their staffs.

Our services are extended to polygraph test to check on suspected/cheating staffs. Check it out on our polygraph investigation on lie detector investigation in Singapore.

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