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Data Recovery for Evidentiary Purposes

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Data Recovery for Evidentiary Purposes


We should be careful with the things we release into the data sphere. You may have deleted that abusive text to your ex but its memory has been stored somewhere in the mobile data server. Maybe you have been using your computer to surf porn sites or to chat up that man or woman you fancy yet he or she is not your husband or wife. You have been taken to court to answer to charges of adultery, violating a restraining order, promoting child trafficking or pornography among a long list of crimes committed using digital media. In your mind you know there possibly cannot be any evidence as in your cleverness you deleted all incriminating evidence and you went as far as defragmenting and formatting your digital devices and hard drives. Your spouse, boss, or whomever the complainant could be is all smiles in court and you thinking he or she must be mad, smiling and they are on the verge of losing a case. Shock on you! There is something known as forensics data recovery!!!

Please, do not look all that surprised when a forensics expert is on the stand giving expert opinion on the information gathered from your digital device. They have your web history, list of downloaded files, last accessed files, email messages that have been deleted, deleted computer files, call logs, deleted short text messages, faxes sent and received on the computer, photographs and all other media that can be stored, transferred and used on a digital device and on top of that, a list to show when the files were deleted. The blood drains from your face as you wonder how on earth they had retrieved all that deleted information. Well, two words, data recovery! This is the process of salvaging or restoring data from damaged, failed, corrupted or inaccessible storage media, such as: hard disk drives, CDs, flash drives, storage tapes, RAID, DVDs, when it cannot be accessed normally. This is done by trained professionals who have a computer science or IT background.

Data recovery for evidentiary purposes requires someone who has the requisite skills and the patience to go through all the data recovered and put it into a report that can be used in a civil or criminal case as evidence. Most private investigators have sharpened their skills in email tracking; locating website owners as well as use of digital media in surveillance and thus are well versed in the recovery field. There work is to find information that no one wants to be found and they have the analytical skills to look at the recovered data and give a coherent explanation in the witness stand. The evidence collected can be used in to prove adultery by providing the web history, deleted mail, SMS and archived call logs of an unfaithful spouse; in harassment and stalking cases by providing a trace of the origins of the IP address from which an offending message has been sent as well as other civil suits.

So when you are a defendant in a civil or criminal law suit, please do not sit comfortably thinking that you will get away with whatever crime you have committed. Be it fraud, failure to disclose pertinent facts on a particular case or transaction, promoting child pornography, stalking or even harassment, a private detective can be an expert witness and nail you to the wall using data recovered from your digital devices. Just because you have deleted or destroyed it does not mean that no trace will be left behind. Using data recovery, a private investigator will comb through your digital device and he or she will get the evidence required in a legal manner so as to prove your guilt. Be very careful what you put out in the digital space, it might just come to harm you in a court of law!


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