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If we are into hiring a Private Investigator, we should know about the cost that would be involved in the process. Every variant investigation is charged based on some factors. Those factors of consideration include the magnitude of the case, experience of the Private Investigator, success rate of the private Investigator and the location where the case has to be dealt at. The cost of a Private Investigator varies from place to place. It also varies with the kind of services that are required of the Private Investigator. So when we need a private Investigator with a successful track record, we can expect to be charged more than the regular charges. Before you hire a Private Investigator we must make sure of the costs and fees for the various services that we require of the investigator. Sometimes some Private Investigators charge a flat fee for some of the things like special research work, the electronic gadgets or the varied equipments that they might use in the process of the investigation. There are certain things that we should have known before we hire a Private Investigator. We ought to be clear of the flat charges, the Private Investigator’s hourly fee, whether we should deposit the amount of money or whether we should pay in the retainer means of payment.

When we consider the cost of a Private Investigator, we have to consider the flat charges for services like identifying a cell phone number, identifying the registration number of a vehicle, tracking with the aid of GPS system etc. The charge based on the hourly basis depends on the difficulty level of the investigation and whether the investigator requires assistance from another investigator or not. Te hourly charge may lie anywhere between $50- $100. Make sure if it is inclusive of the mileage expenses. In the case of your Private Investigator’s need of assistance from an investigator who is overseas, the charge might shoot up. In such cases, we might be charged up to $300 per hour. Many Private Investigators prefer the deposit to be functional against the services that are provided and the disbursement. Sometimes retainer fees might be preferred by some Private Investigators for specific services rendered. For example, the investigator might demand a deposit of up to $500. In the case of research regarding data concerned with the investigation, the investigator might demand a deposit of up to $500. In the event of dealing with criminal defense work, the investigator might demand a retainer anywhere between $1,000 and $3,500.

Some other factors that help in establishing the Cost of a Private Investigator and amount to be deposited are the ones like the travel involved during investigation, the cost of airline or the hotel’s rental charges, the number of hours intended to be spent in surveillance with regard to the investigation, location of the spot of investigation and the urgency of the investigation. There is yet another point to keep in mind when we hire a Private Investigator. In the case of the investigator working under the instructions of an attorney, the Private Investigator will not demand a retainer, if the attorney promises the Private Investigator of an assured payment of all the invoices that are associated with the investigation. Once the process of hiring a Private Investigator is done, we must ensure that the Private Investigator maintains a record of his/her activities. The Private Investigator must be able to produce the itemized list of the progress of the investigation at our inquest. Not the least of all, we have to ensure the Private Investigator we desire to hire is someone who has been pre-screened and scrutinized of his/her genuine projection of his details and identity in the field.


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