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Complex Matrimonial & Custody Disputes

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Complex Matrimonial & Custody Disputes

Our Professional Private Investigators have the capabilities to investigate into complex, high-value matrimonial asset and spousal maintenance (alimony) claims and complicated child custody disputes. Our investigative work often involves in foreign assets and cross-border investigation.

Our focus on complex matrimonial and custody investigation arises out of our affinity for the strategy and holistic planning required in such matters, and our experience in handling the multi-faceted and aggressive litigation support that often ensues.

Our investigation litigation support may include, for example:

* To prevent a spouse leaving Singapore with her / his children and child custody issues

* To investigate a spouse disposing of his/her matrimonial asset

* To investigate existence and whereabouts of potential and alleged matrimonial assets

* To locate all hidden local/overseas matrimonial assets

* To investigate on the child access or maintenance spousal matter

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