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Cheating Spouses, a Myth to Uncover

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Cheating Spouses, a Myth to Uncover


You may have watched the movie unfaithful. This movie is a very good portrayal of infidelity and cheating spouse and consequences of the infidelity. After watching this movie you can tell what factors involved in infidelity. Some people have certain ability to tap into emotions of others. They may do so knowingly or unknowingly. Men mostly influence women for fulfilling their desire. While women may influence men to satisfy their emotions not desires. It is proved and we know that women are mostly moved by emotions. Men exploit them due to this reason. So it is evident clearly that in most cases men have a different motive of infidelity than women. Whatever is the motive cheating spouse man or woman has one thing in common ‘infidelity’. You cannot justify one’s infidelity because when norms and institution of marriage are violated society blames the unfaithful one.

Marriage is a part of social mechanics you cannot expect it to work without two distinct but complementary components man and women. So when one component fails to collaborate in playing its role then the system fails. This is what happens in married life. When a member of marriage that is cheating spouse does not perform its function then your life is messy. You will not receive intimacy, your household will lose organization, and if you have children then their innocent minds have a greater threat than yours. Usually unfaithful spouse may cause wastage of money and will pose less concern for needs; there will be no talks, a quite cold life. These things may not seem to be hurting but they will eventually make your life real bad.

Many researchers, investigators, sex therapists have made long lists of indicators of a infidel spouse. This list is exhaustive but not complete. Because it is human nature that we are talking about, we can never catch human being’s essence. These indicators may tell you about something fishy but may not tell about what is going on. So it is better to rely on your instincts because it is you who better understands the scenario and can evaluate the meaning of a particular sign of cheating. You may think that your spouse is cheating but in actual things may turn out differently. So be careful in making your perception so do not chase the shade of doubt but look for concrete evidence and don’t be decisive until you discover something.

When you discover something about your cheating spouse, it may have profound effect on your life. People usually suffer from such situation but do not let yourself suffer and be composed. You can talk your spouse about what you have observed. If your spouse accepts about some specific instance then do make haste to decide something. Give it some time and analyze. Think different aspects of your decision that you want to make. Specially, when you have children you need to think more carefully because it is not about you only it is the life of your children. In this case compromise can have better results in aggregate. You can give chance to your unfaithful spouse to make things better with your help and not letting that happen again. Different cultures have different meanings of some indicators and in different cultures there various solutions to cope with this situation. Best solutions id to give protection to your family and future of society.


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