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Cheating Spouse

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Cheating Spouse

There are many ways you can identify a cheating spouse by obvious and sometimes subtle changes  in the behaviour.  Obvious changes in their behaviour that you may become aware of are, more argumentative, mood swings and raised irritability.  Other subtle changes may include the fact that they have started wearing perfume or aftershave when they didn’t really bother before. Others include a sudden attachment to their cell phone.  Most people will use a cell phone as a means of keeping the deception a secret.  Gaining access to the phone records such as calls and messages could prove very important when gathering information.  When you are dealing with a situation where you think your partner is cheating you’ll know something is wrong. You hear about  Advice being given about listening to what your intuition is telling you, it’s telling you something s wrong.  You should always trust your intuition because it’s usually right.  All those subtle signs you may not have consciously picked up on are store until something just clicks.
A lot of people want to catch a cheating spouse an plan ways to do so when they get an inkling something might be going on.  Many people don’t put enough thought into what they would do if they found a cheat.  The consequences can drastically change the lives of all involved.  Some people will stop their investigations because they understand they couldn’t cope with the consequences if they were right.  For those that do continue there are many ways to catch a them.  There are lots of ways to catch a cheat, many people often seek the help of Private investigators.  These people specialise in gathering all the information you would need to PROVE your spouse is cheating.  Private Investigator can be quite expensive and are often only called in when a husband or wife suspect their partner is sneaking about behind their back and are planning a divorce. 
Bugs and trackers are part of the gadget and gizmo side of catching somebody cheating and can be very discretely placed.  Bugs and trackers generally use GPS to locate the where-a-bouts your partner on a map.  Hidden cameras are great to use if you suspect the cheating spouse is using a particular place to conduct the act.  Cameras can be hidden in all sorts of places and you can even buy them pre-concealed in products like alarm clocks, radios, speakers and even via web cams.  If your spouse is the type to leave their cell phone laying around or misplaces it you may be able to find time to install applications on their phone that will help give you details of where they have been.  We have all heard a honey trap but for those that haven’t. the defines a honey trap as “ A strategy whereby an attractive person coerces  another person into   doing or revealing something; also, a person employing this strategy to entrap another”.  These days there is big money being made by companies offering these types of services for obvious reasons, they get results.
A cheating spouse may have many reasons for pursing such activities but many fall into the opportunity and unhappiness categories.
Opportunities may present themselves in many ways when the spouse is away from you.  A common opportunity is when the spouse is out socialising with friends. This is time when the person suspected of cheating has the opportunity to interact with people and allow themselves to act as if they were single again.  Unhappiness is something we all feel from time to time and we will all seek a way to make ourselves happy again.  Our spouse may seek the chance of happiness in the arms of another to act an that’s a big problem.  Rather than talking about why they are unhappy and possibly dealing with the underlying issues, our spouse may choose to close us out. If you are seeing these things and you are prepared for all outcomes try tackle the issue head by talking about it first.


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