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How do Singapore Investigators do their Job?

There are a lot of things to be done by a Singapore Investigator.  Specifically the crimes scene investigators, they study the crime scene and evidence, and interrogate the witnesses to know what happened.  They carry stuffs along with them to help analyze the crime scene such as cameras, powder and brush, specimen bottles, cotton swabs, chemicals to help them tell if the stuff found is human blood or not and even blue lights to help them see if the objects such as linen have bodily fluids in them.  There are also a lot of things found in their laboratory.  They...

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A Diary of a Singapore Detective

It is year 2012, and for ten years I have been working as a Singapore Detective.  A lot of people hire me for I was able to build a good reputation over time.  I was assigned to different tasks anywhere in Singapore and even around the world.  I never stay in one place for a long time since my duty is to gather relevant information from a person, organization or a place.  I have to disappear immediately to avoid being caught.  And I also have to blend in to the crowd, be with them, and even become one of them...

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Who Should Hire a Singapore Detective?

Do you have a problem that you think you cannot solve on your own?  Do you need your doubts confirmed truthfully and logically?  Do you want to be certain of your actions?  If you feel you need to keep track of the activities in your company, child, employee or home, then you should hire a Singapore detective.  They can be your eyes in your company so you will know who his/her jobs well even if you are not around.  They can report to you the situation, what goes on and how each employee does his/her work.  You can also use...

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Extra Marital Affairs and Singapore Private Detectives

Do you think your spouse is cheating on you?  If you do, what are your bases for having that kind of thought?  What are you planning to do?  Do you want to leave everything as it is and pretend nothing has happened?  Would you want to know the truth?  Would you try to prove it yourself or hire someone who can help you do it?  If you need someone else to do it for you, then you need a Singapore Private Detective.  You should be ready for the truth.  What would you do if your spouse had been proven to...

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I Should Hire Singapore Investigators for My Haunted House

My house had been haunted for many years now.  I heard so many unexplainable noises when I am alone.  I see plenty of horrible things anywhere, and much worse, they are threatening me.  Their evil energy was so strong that they were able to manipulate objects in the physical world.  I was really haunted by them and didn’t know what to do.  I was alone in the house most of the time and they tend to appear only in those times.  My friend could even feel the darkness of the house every time she visits me.  Good thing we were...

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The Most Common Services in an SG Investigation

Are you familiar with Investigation?  Do you know what investigators do and what services they offer?  This informative article talks about these things which may, in some way, help you along the way so you will know there are people who can help you if you need them.  One of the most common services in an SG Investigation is catching a spouse on Extra Marital Affairs or also known as infidelity or adultery.  There are done if the client suspects her spouse to be unfaithful.  The investigator will then try to prove or disprove the client's suspicion with the help...

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Becoming a Singapore Investigator

Investigator is someone you can hire for the purpose of proving or disproving an idea.  They are duty-bound to be transparent and truthful with their job.  They should also work unnoticed among the crowd to make the task successful.  Singapore hosts some of the top Investigator Agencies in Asia.  Have you ever dreamed once in your life that you will become a Singapore Investigator?  Some agencies hire some novice investigators, that is, even without experience.  But these individuals will undergo rigid in-house training programs and investigation courses to help build and develop their investigating skills.  Being an investigator is a...

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Process of SG private investigation

SG private investigation is a phenomenon of studying, trying to understand and scientifically examining the problem to come with a solution. The process ensures a typical interrogation of a person to attain solution and evidences to a problem. The investigation is conducted by the private investigators or police force as per the request by the clients. The client meets the investigators with a problem and minimal evidences. The investigator must examine the case scientifically and bring an appropriate solution to the issue. There is a standard for private investigation company. They perform their tasks within the limits of the company....

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Singapore investigation and lie detector testing.

Lie detector testing is a method to identify if someone’s lying and to elicit the truth. Private Investigation Company makes criminals, accused, suspects and witnesses subject to this testing. These individuals are bound to reply to the questions of the examiner. The idea behind this kind of testing is the genuineness in the changes in psychological state of an individual. The questions may strike an emotional hype to the person. This is recorded in the device or the Lie detector. The detector finds the culprit or the solution to the investigation. In the beginning of the investigation, the trials for...

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A Singapore private detective giving tips on how to catching a cheating spouse

Is your spouse cheating on you? Do your spouse’s behaviour suspicious during recent times? Fear not, our private investigation company is here to help you out to clear the air. The investigators are equipped with tools to investigate extra marital affairs. They are trained to explore and find the information pertaining to the case. The investigation revolves around the activities of the husband of the client. Hence the investigator has to be alert and observe the movements of the client’s husband. From my experience as Singapore private detective the private investigation companies deal with the family dysfunctions such as marital...

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