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Life as a private eye

Anytime you come across a neatly dressed person in a three piece suit and expensive shoes, they may not always be the usual doctor, financial analyst or ordinary businessman. Such a person could also be a private eye. These are people entrusted with the job of following up individuals and reporting to their clients once enough evidence on the search topic has been gathered. Hassan,  a self employed private investigator who runs a small company staffed with two other investigators  has operated in the profession for more than 10years in Singapore. He opted for early retirement from the military after he...

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How to become a private eye

Choosing a career may often prove to be a daunting task for anyone. The complexity of choice results from the availability of a wide range of options for one to choose from.  The varied earnings realized in different careers are often the main motive of taking a particular career. This is often seconded by the by one’s talents and abilities that may often vary from individual to individual. Among the most sought after careers are medicine, actuarial science, financial analysis and military operations among others. A career that is slowly growing more and more marketable at as we advance into the...

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Tips to Hiring Private Detectives

Private detectives are licensed individuals who have the skills and knowledge to enable them carry out investigative cases that can either be personal or official. There are different types of investigators who are differentiated by the services they offer to their clients. While some investigators specialize in offering criminal investigation services, others perform background checks. There are also investigators who help track missing persons and even biological parents to adopted kids. When a spouse suspects his/her partner of cheating, matrimonial investigators come in handy to help determine whether their suspicions are true or not. Retail stores also get serviced by investigators...

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Important tools, gadgets helpful to a private detective

Working as a private detective is not an easy process especially when it involves travelling, meeting different people and going through volumes of paper. However, it is important to maintain a professional attitude and give clients a good report based on your findings.  Some detectives seek work but they hardly have skills, tools, or gadgets to assist them in the process.  Many clients want proof in order to nail the other party, to present to the court or verify details.  When one does not have necessary details, it is important to have connections and leads through other party players in different sectors...

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Different places a private investigator can work

Working as a private investigator is not an easy job especially when you need to connect with many people, interview witnesses or travel to different places to get your results. Most prefer dealing with freelancing clients in different areas of investigation, they can handle well. Many companies’ government offices, international agencies, and individuals seek information but do not want to involve other people. It becomes easier to rely on such professionals, who start conducting interviews, check documents, take photos, and know the routine and report details as instructed. It is not an easy job since results are not guaranteed on a particular...

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Getting a reliable private investigator SG

It is not easy to get a good private investigator SG especially when dealing with sensitive issues. Some want to sort some personal details and others want to verify some company details. It is not a requirement to hire an investigator but certain actions call for this assistance in order to get the correct details and put the matter to rest. Some company owners wonder why the competitors always keep gaining more products and they use the same strategies. A private investigator with good financial, marketing, and economic background conducts the search using different methods like surveillance, accessing public records,...

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Get to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Men and women have always cheated on each other for a very long time. Advancement in technology as well as the increased use of the internet has made cheating much easier. Getting to catch an unfaithful partner is also much easier especially if the affair is taking place over the internet. There are several ways in which one can cheat on their spouse over the internet and with spy programs, catching unfaithful husbands or wives is made even easier. There are several chat programs that cheaters use to communicate with their lovers. This could be someone who is located in...

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Cheating in relationships has become the order of the day and sometimes you do not even know when your partner is not faithful. Every relationship has its twists and turns with chances that prediction of the end result is next to impossible. Human beings have their weakness and getting a perfect partner does not exist under the sun.  When you have unending suspicions that there is infidelity then you have to look for ways of how to catch a cheating spouse. This is a process that will require one to be objective oriented not subjective. With a clear focus you can...

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Most jobs that require investigations are of very confidential matters and it is only realistic that you choose the best that will probably deliver well. The big question pops up at this instant; how do you ensure that you have the best? With the current world it is normal to have fake investigators that have no professionalism but focus on making money. When you are paying for a service you cannot avoid the thought of whether you will get exactly what you are looking for.  A private eye can be well trained and certified to work as one but it still does not...

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The world of relationships is a tricky one as it starts with love and somehow things start changing whether in marriage or just dating. It is a terrible to have trust betrayed especially when you have put your complete trust in your spouse. Life will definitely become difficult and the feeling of being taken for granted and a fool will always linger in your mind once you have had the suspicion and the only way is to confirm your fears. It is a painful feeling as in case the suspicions turn out true it is always like a major step...

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