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Private Investigative Procedures

PRIVATE DETECTIVES IN SINGAPORE   If you would not want to settle on having your case stand with a public investigator that would have other cases to think of and you have the luxury to pay, you might want to employ a private investigator who can conduct private investigative procedures at your own pace. A Private Investigator could be any trained individual whether male/female with background on how will the laws affect lives of various people and how they could help solve the problems of their clients. For some states, before they become accomplished individuals in the field of private investigation,...

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What are Private Investigator Services?

PRIVATE DETECTIVES IN SINGAPORENowadays, when you talk about private investigator services, it does not just concentrate on having to go undercover or doing surveillance for various options, it has encompassed personal investigation services like catching if your spouse is with another partner whenever he is away from home which includes the ability to follow the spouse wherever he would go discreetly with the use of photo, audio and video surveillance to uncover the truth to corporate investigation services (like companies performing pre-employment check which is needed to attest to the characteristics of a perspective employee if they are fit for...

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Private Investigation Services

PRIVATE DETECTIVES IN SINGAPOREWhether you are in need of a private investigator to uncover the truth that your partner has been committing infidelity with you, tracing theft that has incurred within the company or check the background of your perspective applicants in your company, your friendly agency could do that for you. Because of the need to expand today’s services, private investigation services have also modernized to fit the needs of their clients. Their services may range from personal to company problems, which is why nowadays, it is better to hire one who is an expert and can deal with...

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Private Investigation Agencies

PRIVATE DETECTIVES IN SINGAPORE  Whenever you want to uncover the truth, you would either go for it yourself and look into it and see how far will you go or if you would not like to do it the hard way, you would look at private investigation agencies that are available to do the job for you. These agencies are composed of trained individuals who had either worked for the military, police or either ex-uniformed personnel who handle cases depending on the specialization requested by their client. Their tag line is now to give a quick turn-around time for their...

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Why Employ SG investigators?

PRIVATE DETECTIVES IN SINGAPORE   In Singapore, whether you would like to check whether your spouse is committing infidelity over you, trace technological crimes, investigate on the background of a perspective applicant to check whether he has committed previous crimes or has had records which might tamper their application to another job or uncover the truth with falsified documents (if signatures were illegally used) and you would not like to do it by yourself, you would need to employ SG investigators to help you do the job. An investigator is any trained individual either coming from the police or military unit...

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Private investigator agency

PRIVATE DETECTIVES IN SINGAPOREA private investigator agency is only efficient if it builds a good foundation with the client. An agency must ensure its confidentiality. For a case to be solved, it highly depends on the information provided by the client. A client has to truthful and upfront. Information provided must be accurate. An investigator has to maintain communication with their client. A detective has to keep on giving notifications of anything that comes up. This requires the detective to have contact information like Email address, telephone numbers and mail address of the client. The investigator also requires knowing the...

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Private detective fees

PRIVATE DETECTIVES IN SINGAPOREThe amount of private detective fees payable is determined by standard investigation charges.  The agency gives a rough estimation for the most common cases. Fixed quotes are based on circumstances regarding to a particular case. The investigator incurs expenses such as mileage, travel tickets, car parking charges and entry charges to places. These charges are not charged in the initial quotes as they vary between the different types of cases. Some of the services offered by the investigator include, tracking a target, bugging premises or surveillance.  Fee payable also depends on the investigators affiliation with the agency....

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Private detective agency

PRIVATE DETECTIVES IN SINGAPOREHow do you differentiate a good private detective agency from the rest? This is a question that is asked by clients requiring investigation services. It is your duty to do a research on the agency and find out about its business history. A good agency will have a website displaying the various services it offers. It should also catalogue their rates. Though this is difficult as services offered are very different and they vary according to the diverse clients’ specifications. Such websites have forums where previous clients leave their comments. Review the comments and from that you...

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Cost of private investigator

PRIVATE DETECTIVES IN SINGAPOREThe Cost of private investigator will depend on their experience of handling cases. Private investigation is just like any other profession. When an investigator has more skills, they usually charge very highly for their expertise. The level of skill of a detective is judged from the number of cases they have closed.  This way, the investigator builds their reputation. Agencies employing them usually pay them very well to make them stay. This cost is obviously passed on to the client. Another factor to consider is that, the investigator may be highly skilled but is limited to a...

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SG private investigator

PRIVATE DETECTIVES IN SINGAPOREThere are many agencies that offer private investigation services which are completely legal. The law has approved these firms to access records and any necessary information regarding the case. Proper conduct of investigation is expected. SG private investigator should offer services that are discrete to avoid any suspicion from the suspects under investigation. The client’s privacy is very important in order to maintain their confidentiality. The licenses are issued and approved by SIRD which is a police force in Singapore. Therefore, before hiring for these services, one should do a research and background history of the firm....

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