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Business Intelligence: Bringing The Best

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Business Intelligence: Bringing The Best

In a corporate industry, there would always be a presence of competition of 2 or more competing parties regarding a certain product or service, particularly if the service mentioned is popular to the public. As the owner of your company, you would want to stay on top of the chain but you would not have the time to do the job yourself, thus you would hire a private investigator who can do the business intelligence for your company. A private investigator can help you uncover competing company’s strategy, plans, financial activity, customer, supplier and product changes. These strategies can help your company reorganize its products on how it could best serve your clients, classify the needed improvement based on customer needs or the changing technology it has or retool any product that would not be able to meet the needs of the company and would unable to provide the customer satisfaction that is a priority of every company.
Business intelligence can be done by a private investigator discreetly. They could go over to the competing company’s website, get information through their news or even contact some insiders within a company (It is possible that a competing company would have employees that would be tactless and divulge information related to the company). They can also employ fictitious covers to be able to enter the company and work for a certain period of time. It would allow them to be familiarized with the strategies that would enable them to provide the plans of the competitor easily. Private investigators who had been doing business intelligence for quite a long time are familiar with the situation and would know the ropes, they are familiar with the laws and government policies. They would employ different people and contact them to get the job done: be it your competing company’s secretary to their security guard.
Business intelligence doesn’t only mean competing companies but it could also be done in your respective company as well. As the owner of the business, you wouldn’t have time to focus on the different aspects surrounding your company, thus, you would hire a number of directors, officers, managers and secretaries to do the job for you. It would not be offensive on their part if you have them checked by an investigator once in a while. A private investigator can check the company’s financial status which reflects the income and the expense of the company for a certain period of the year. He can also check on your employee’s loyalty to the company, are they able to commit what they had promised the moment they were hired? A private investigator can also check for any illegal activity that is done within the company so they can do action as early as possible.
The objective of doing business intelligence is not to ruin reputation of people around your company or lessen their freedom as their employees; rather it is done to further improve the company and its services as well. In order to be recognized for a longer period of time, companies would not stop comparing their services towards their competitors, they would always retool their products to improve and be a cut above the rest. In your company, you would not see all along the character of your employee once you have hired him, you would see it as it progress – if he or she is someone you could be trusted, if they would not put your company down with the hopes of going up the corporate ladder. You would need a private investigator to do business intelligence, and you would never go wrong. 

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