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Be a Detective SG

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Be a Detective SG


      How would you like the feeling of having to uncover mysteries and being a spy to help your clients uncover the truth? Do you see yourself playing the life of Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes? Probably the life you would want to be a detective SG – SG is one of the places that people flock in for business or leisure. Being a detective/private investigator in this place is one career that not everyone would like to have but would definitely be fulfilling. A detective is any male or female (yes, the job does not have gender discrimination, you can be a detective as long as you had conformed with the requirements) trained for tasks like this which may require strong analytical skills and intelligence to finish a case which may either be of personal (like having to investigate your spouse if he or she is committing infidelity remarks) or corporate in nature.

              To be a Detective SG, you must obtain a license to become a private investigator from the Singapore Police Force. The process of obtaining an application towards getting a license may tend to be tedious as before the Singapore Police Force would grant your license, they would look at if you had passed certain module. Once that you are given the license, you are bound to have it for 5 years, only performing private investigation and the rules inside the grant should be strongly followed: For example, if you would have a surveillance equipment as a private investigator, permits should be gathered for it to be considered legal to use. For those who had current experience regarding the field of investigation or has retired from police/military service and would want to pursue another level of their career, they could seek certification of the experience before the license would be granted.

              A Detective SG could work alone or in an authorized private investigation agency. When working alone, he is expected to perform man-to-man surveillance whenever he has a client that he works for. The advantage of working alone is that all the benefits attached herein would solely belong to the detective. For an authorized private investigation agency, they can have group surveillance in order to have an easier way to resolve the case. Having to be affiliated in an agency would allow a detective to have a stable flow of work for their clients. Private Investigation Agencies had now conquered modern ways of advertising their services through their websites: they had placed their services on to websites and described their specializations on the cases that they are working for. They would also place their contact details so they could be easily reached by perspective clients.

              Now that you know what it takes to be a detective SG, you had probably rekindled back to those detective stories you had been reading. Being a detective is not an easy task: you would definitely encounter a lot of stress, clients that are unapproachable, uneasy and would change their mind every so often, evidence gathering that may lead you to nowhere, having to make ends meet with your clients resources just to be able to perform surveillance to the one you were supposed to follow and many more reasons which makes it a daunting task. There are also times that high-profiled names would be involved in the cases making you think less straight because you would not want to attack them. You may lose temper on the events that would unfold beyond their midst but once you had done your part to be able to attain your client’s satisfaction, it would be all the work it was.


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