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Educating the consumer of general public

Private investigators not just conduct investigation work and plan details. They also play the role of educating the consumer of general public. For example, when a client wanted to investigate on a particular issue or a person, the private investigators will bring up the legal aspects of it and discuss the best approach to solve the problem given. Some private investigator just want to earn profit and doesn’t take into consideration of the law and legal issues which will lead to further problems. ...

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Private Detective and Lawyers

People do not recognize until they realized it. Behind some success story being achieved by lawyers in court case, there are private investigators involved. Most often than not, the foundation upon which court cases stand is a crucial results had been established that exhibited in their comprehensive investigation report by the private investigators with vidoegraphic and photographic proof as we called it as “Direct Evidence”. Documentary evidence was also seen been attached in their report as an evidence.Lawyers and private investigators have their own specialties. They work hand in hand and solved complexities and mysteries cases that being unfolded.The lawyer’s...

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How to find a Private Investigator in Singapore

Internet is the easier way to find any type of information under your finger tips. Just browse from Google, Yahoo or Bing and you will see a list of private investigator firm.But, learning how to choose a private investigator is not an easy job as a lot of consumer does not have the experience to do so. How are you going to choose a private investigation firm and what will you look for besides the pricing?Make sure that the private investigator firm is in core business in private investigation services having a long term establishment and are active in their business...

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Private Investigator Fees in Singapore

There are so many reasons to hire a private investigator/private detective. Although a lot of people suddenly trigger their mind to hiring a private investigator from a cheating spouse case to a commercial investigation. This is not always the case. Private investigators are hired too for many other reasons, including conducting general surveillance for a person lifestyle, actives, and background checks for prospective hires, potential business partners, employees, insurance investigation, mischief cases and several other reasons.People seek the help of a private investigator or private detective because some believe that the private investigator can give them a big help to find out...

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A good stand alone wired pinhole camera can record up to four hour non stop of HDD video footage stamp with Date and Time before running out of power and storage space.We have seen it built into clocks, flower pots, pen, posters smoke detector, radio, soft toys. The problem is these cameras are getting more difficult to detect with naked eye. If fact, it can extend the recording time from the pinhole camera to an external hard disc drive recorded up to 1 TB.The truth is not all these cameras can be seen by untrained eye because many are wireless...

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We use only non wireless devices for cameras & voice recorders.There are many type of equipments is the local and overseas market. Popularity will depend on the situation of each operation and the set capacity to be use. It does not mean A is better than B. To conceal them covertly is never an easy job for any investigator/s. Always leave it to the professional.The most popular and current up to date handy discreet micro camcorder is our My2g Video PEAR Model CSi-8s also known as filmo babee is (FBI) Reborn for you to film/record of any activities and incident...

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Employee & Pre-Employment Checks

Private Investigators are useful for employers to engage professional private investigator to conduct employee, pre-employment Checks and due diligence investigation to protect and safe guard their company’s assert.In fact, any one can make use of the services of private investigators for a wide variety of reasons. Some do it on background checks on their own company’s directors, employees or false declare of information on bio-data. This is to ensure that all the businesses belong to the company are in track and information is true and correct.There are cases where employees show suspicious behavior which will lead the employer to believe...

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How Private Investigator’s Work with their Gadgets

How private investigators work is really a big secret. Today, we are going to share with you partly how we work? Private investigators are normally associated with analog camera in the early days. However, private investigator practice has almost changed drastically. Nowadays, private investigators never conduct their business without the aid of certain technological tools such as Internet searches and re-searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tagged, Hi5 and so on. Powerful digital zoom cameras and other surveillance systems, including big capacity motor vehicle and motorcycle will be involved in certain investigation operation. However, certain items have also emerged that...

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Private Investigator to Prevent internal frauds and corporate theft

Almost all organizations face internal frauds and other similar issues. These corporate thefts can be even more devastating than your competitors’ acts. Thus you must need to hire a private investigator to investigate all these issues and find out the culprits. A private detective can also provide you with solid proofs that will allow you to release any dishonest employee from your organization.Other than the above mentioned reasons, you can also hire a private detective to monitor your most important clients as well as your top competitors. By doing so, you can get more information about your competitors and thus...

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Private Investigator for Pre-employment screening

Recruiting new people to your organization can be another very important stage when you must need to avail the services of private investigator. They can provide you with the pre-employment screening facilities with which you can make sure that the people you are going to add to your organization are loyal and honest. Private investigators can provide you all the necessary details about the background and history of your employees. Getting enough information about their background is something that can save your business from any loss later on.  ...

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