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When should you go to a private investigator company?

 There have been numerous incidences of cheating spouses in recent times. There are treacherous people out there, who can never be satisfied with a single partner; therefore, they keep looking for newer and better options all the time. These sorts of men and women are constantly in search of dating other people, even though they have their own spouses at home. These types of people are not afraid of losing their spouses, and they have no concern for their children. The only thing that they think about is their own sense of sexual and personal satisfaction that they cannot derive...

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The New Paper

Armed with small and increasingly cheap pinhole cameras - some with a lens no bigger than a five-cent coin - they prowl locker roomers and toilets. Their target: To spy on young women.On Saturday, The New Paper reported that a teacher allegedly installed three pinhole cameras in a girls' toilet in his school, which is in the western part of Singapore.TNP understands the pinhole cameras were disguised as light switches and placed at waist height.So how do you spot these tiny cameras?Never mind if you are clueless about the advances in technology, as one of the best ways to check for...

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Exciting topics coming up!

1) Will my partner find out they are being investigated?2) What are the benefits of engaging a private investigator?3) How much will it cost me to hire a private investigators?4) Are all the information released to you kept confidential?5) What evidence will I receive at the end of the investigation? ...

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Why are there so many differences between quotations given by different investigation firm?

In order to achieve the best service standard from the investigation firm, one must make sure that the company is professional in the field of business. One example would be their CORE BUSINESS and professionalism.Private investigator costs can also be different based on how complex and difficult the tasks are and the expenses it may include. In addition, private investigator cost may depend on the skills possessed, the training acquired and the credentials that the investigator holds.Another factor that may affect the cost is based on the level of difficulty in terms of reaching out and collating facts from the...

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What kind of private investigation firms do you look for to serve you and service standards do you expect from your investigation firm?

There were 200 over private investigation firm in Singapore and currently reduce to about 126 investigation firm licensed by the Singapore Police Force- SIRD.However, there are only a few leading private investigation firm. And, It is important to verify if that private investigator has a valid license and meet the private investigator in his office and not outside. There are some private investigators that transfer or forward landline calls to their mobile phones, or some do not even operate a proper office.Make sure that the private investigator has many years of experience in private investigation so your case can be...

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Complex Matrimonial & Custody Disputes

Our Professional Private Investigators have the capabilities to investigate into complex, high-value matrimonial asset and spousal maintenance (alimony) claims and complicated child custody disputes. Our investigative work often involves in foreign assets and cross-border investigation.Our focus on complex matrimonial and custody investigation arises out of our affinity for the strategy and holistic planning required in such matters, and our experience in handling the multi-faceted and aggressive litigation support that often ensues.Our investigation litigation support may include, for example: * To prevent a spouse leaving Singapore with her / his children and child custody issues * To investigate a spouse disposing of his/her...

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Private Investigator – Hiring A Professional Corporate Investigator

Most of the top organizations in the world now have permanent private investigator positions or they have regular contracts with private investigation companies because it has become a compulsion of every business owner. Business matters demand careful handling and in most cases business owners can never include state police force in these matters. For privacy and reputation of the organization most of the business organizations prefer to hire corporate investigator rather than taking help from government law enforcement agencies.  Why to hire a private investigator for your business?There can be plenty of different reasons for which you need to hire a...

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Private Investigator – Hire A Private Detective For Professional Quality Investigations

The trend of hiring private investigator is now getting popularity as their services are much better than the government law enforcement agencies. Also private investigation companies are given preference in secret matters where people usually want to keep their identity hidden. Of course, police departments have their own working style and limitations, and you can’t really dictate them. While on the other hand if you get the services of a private investigator, you have much more liberty. You can tell them your detailed requirements and what kind of results you want. Private investigators work under the government license and thus...

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Private Investigator Singapore – Most Common Reasons Of Hiring A Private Investigator

 Private investigator Singapore provides a wide range of services, and people all over the globe are now making full use of their services for various different secret matters and investigations. Whatever investigation you want, a person on private investigator job can provide you with the exceptional help. This article is going to discuss top reasons for which people are hiring private investigator Singapore.1. Private investigator Singapore for spying and locating people:-The most common reason of hiring the services of private detectives and investigators is spying and locating missing people. You can hire a private investigator company to spy for you...

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Private Investigator Singapore – How To Become A Professional Detective

 Becoming a private investigator Singapore is a dream of millions of people because of the fascination associated with the investigation industry. Different novels and detective movies have also played a vital role in adding more charm to the private investigator job. No doubt, job of a private investigator is full of thrill and adventure but it is not as enjoyable as it seems in movies and novels. The life of a private investigator Singapore is full of dangers and non-ending challenges. Mentioning these points in the start of this article doesn’t mean that I am trying to make you scared...

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