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Getting Secured Through Background Checks

Nowadays before people are given opportunities on services such as loans, credit cards, debt services or even employment, companies would hire private investigators to perform background checks before they would be giving the service to their prospective clients. Background Check includes looking up for financial records (especially when a client is applying for a credit card or loan), commercial records which would serve as the company’s guide to an individual. For employment background checks, those under the human resources department of the company can use the background check to assess the job’s candidate qualifications (to check on his achievements which...

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Fighting for Your Rights through Intellectual Property Investigation

As a writer, inventor, artist or even a designer, you spent countless of hours working on it and improving your craft to be able to do your job and somehow impress the people watching over you. Somehow, it is saddening to hear that some people would take away your efforts by claiming the product as if they were your own and would be getting furious because they claimed the rights to the success of your product. Well, nowadays, you as a product designer or inventor can fight for your rights through intellectual property investigation done by a private investigator that...

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Business Intelligence: Bringing The Best

In a corporate industry, there would always be a presence of competition of 2 or more competing parties regarding a certain product or service, particularly if the service mentioned is popular to the public. As the owner of your company, you would want to stay on top of the chain but you would not have the time to do the job yourself, thus you would hire a private investigator who can do the business intelligence for your company. A private investigator can help you uncover competing company’s strategy, plans, financial activity, customer, supplier and product changes. These strategies can help...

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Dealing with Trouble thru Corporate Investigations

At some point in time, you must deal with some people who would be doing wrong things in your workplace. As an employer busy interacting with other people each day, you would not have the time to go over people committing offenses by yourself, you would be needing the services of a private investigator to handle corporate investigations and bring your business back to the promise land. Corporate investigations is not just about fraud in a workplace, in general, it is an investigation done to any problem in the business ranging from security audits to sexual harassment investigations. However, there...

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The Walkthroughs of General Surveillance

Do you want to learn something or get facts about an individual which you can’t know by simply asking? Well, you might want to hire a private investigator that would conduct general surveillance for you. General surveillance can either be a stationary surveillance, a moving surveillance, a foot surveillance or electronic surveillance which are done in combination to be able to achieved the information the private investigator would like to obtain. These types of surveillance help private investigators to gather information and evidence which would be used for prevention/protection and law enforcement application over perspective suspects or individuals. A stationary surveillance...

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Tips and Tricks to Overseas Assignment

Nowadays, private investigation doesn’t only mean that you should do so in your own country, there is a term such as “overseas assignment”. Overseas assignment is getting to do work outside your country wherein you would be reporting back to your mother country. In the field of private investigation, whenever an overseas assignment is planned, all objectives must be carried out and security must be taken to consideration very well for a successful assignment. The next part would be tips on how to succeed in an overseas assignment and go home mission accomplished. • Know the objectives of your private investigation...

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Preventing Mischief

What is mischief?Mischief is a common offence that might be very hard to prove. According to  Singaporean legislation, “mischief” is committed when someone “with intent to cause, or knowing that he is likely to cause, wrongful loss or damage to the public or any person, causes the destruction of any property, or any such change in any property, or in the situation thereof, as destroys or diminishes its value or utility, or affects it injuriously”. Mischief doesn’t have to be directed towards a particular person – it is sufficient for the offender to know that he is likely to cause...

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Preventing Children Undesired Behavior

There are many forms of children undesired behavior. These forms range from fairly harmless, like not making a bed or procrastinating doing chores, while others can cause significant damage to the child’s well-being, or to the family’s reputation. In some cases a child can even commit a crime that could cause severe consequences.However, it is unlikely to happen if parents notice childrens undesired behavior in time. Once they do, the problem is usually solved. Sometimes it requires help from child counselor or psychologist’s consultations. In other cases children undesired behavior can be be remedied thanks to the common sense and...

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Why Should a Pre-Marital Investigation Precede Any Marriage?

What is a Pre-Marital Investigation?A pre-marital investigation is an investigation carried out by a private agency. It involves a thorough background check of one of the fiancés. A typical pre-marital investigation is ordered by one of the fiancées or by their parents.It’s hard to suspect anything bad about your fiancée, but later on your suspicions can come back and destroy your marriage – or even your life. By burying your suspicions and refusing a pre-marital investigation, you are either giving paranoia a chance to return later and ruin your marriage, or giving scam artists a chance to take everything you...

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If you are divorced and receive or pay maintenance, you should know that maintenance readjustment is possible. Maintenance readjustment is done by a court’s decision and can lead to receipt  either less or more money by you– depending on the outcome of the lawsuit If you think you are eligible for a maintenance readjustment, you should first speak with your attorney. He will then check your country’s divorce laws and confirm if you are indeed eligible for a readjustment. The next step may be going to court or using the services of a private investigation agency to gather the proof...

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