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SG cheating spouse: What to look for

PRIVATE DETECTIVES IN SINGAPOREThere are many things to look for if you want to catch a SG cheating spouse. People have different ways of doing things. Some opt to hire private investigators whereas others choose to do it on their own. If you opt to do it on your own there are things that you need to look for some of which are listed below. Things to look for from a cheating spouse Change of behavior- When you notice some fishy behaviors from your spouse, you need to act fast. Some of these may include reporting home late and sleeping outside with...

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How private investigators in SG catch cheating spouse

PRIVATE DETECTIVES IN SINGAPOREThere are many ways in which private investigators in SG catch cheating spouse. We have heard so many cases where marriages are breaking because of cheating spouses. This results to children suffering if there are any in the family. Having dated for a number of years, many couples are able to tell when one of them changes behaviors. In other words, they can tell the signs of a cheating spouse. If there is infidelity in marriage, it results to two things. One, the couple may file a court case or else choose to settle the case with...

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The Need for a Polygraph Investigation

PRIVATE DETECTIVES IN SINGAPOREHow do we know that the person under investigation is telling the truth? Or how do we eliminate some suspects and narrow the pool of suspects down? These are some of the questions advocates and law enforcement ask themselves on a daily basis. Even we as human beings tend to wonder if the information we get daily is truthful or laced with a tad bit of lies and white lies. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just discern the truths from the falsehoods? Well, the world of polygraph investigation is wrought with controversies and mysteries as...

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A Private Investigator can be a Mystery Shopper

PRIVATE DETECTIVES IN SINGAPOREWhen we think of a private investigator, we think of an individual who solves mysterious and is a serious person who indulges in digital forensics, litigation support, hidden asset tracing, fraud investigations and all the other serious stuff. Well, it turns out that a private investigator can be a mystery shopper! This should come as no surprise as a private investigator has the creativity, sense of adventure, surveillance skills as well as undercover skills that make him or her good candidate for that assignment. For those who do not know who a mystery shopper is, let me...

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Asset Investigation Package in Private Investigations

PRIVATE DETECTIVES IN SINGAPOREMost private investigators and investigation agencies offer asset investigation services. The need to establish whether a person or a business entity has collectible assets that may be used as security or may be disposed off to pay creditors is important in the world we live in right now. An asset investigator’s main priority is to determine whether the likeliness of the plaintiff obtaining money in case of a court case where damages are awarded. This investigation is very important as it would be a considerable waste of time and resources if you take a debtor to court...

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Litigation Support Services

PRIVATE DETECTIVES IN SINGAPOREMost attorneys have a lot on their plate and they need all the help they can get in order to ensure that the preparation for their cases goes on smoothly. They may also need an extra set of hands during civil and criminal trials to ensure that all their bases are covered. For these reasons, an attorney may hire a private investigator for litigation support. This is the process of providing support and consultative services before, during and after the completion of a case to an attorney or law firm. The support and consultative services may range...

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Computer Forensics Services in Private Investigation Agencies

PRIVATE DETECTIVES IN SINGAPOREThe modern world has made people dependent on their technologically forward devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops, personal computers among others. This dependency has led people to entrust their personal information and other secrets to their devices without thinking twice. The use of computers for journaling has also picked up and most peoples’ lives can be pieced together from their personal computers as well as other personal technological devices. Both positive and negative information can be stored in a computer and it can reflect the activities of the owner. People who have something to hide or have...

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