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Asset Investigation Package in Private Investigations

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Asset Investigation Package in Private Investigations


Most private investigators and investigation agencies offer asset investigation services. The need to establish whether a person or a business entity has collectible assets that may be used as security or may be disposed off to pay creditors is important in the world we live in right now. An asset investigator’s main priority is to determine whether the likeliness of the plaintiff obtaining money in case of a court case where damages are awarded. This investigation is very important as it would be a considerable waste of time and resources if you take a debtor to court and the judge orders a seizure of their assets or an award of compensation yet there you cannot claim from the defendant as there are simply no assets to seize and no money to pay the court awarded settlement. Before you go running to the court of law or an arbitrator to air your grievances, due diligence is required.

When conducting an asset investigation, the private investigator will do a background check, surveillance work, computer forensics, as well as financial investigations. From the investigation a private investigator should be able to provide the physical address, social security number, bank details, detailed company balance sheet, payment histories as well as credit limits. The private investigator should also be able to establish if the company has had any previous litigation proceedings, if they have a track record of non payment of debts, fraud, and if they have any hidden assets. The private investigator will also conduct a real property investigation so as to get a clear picture of the subject under investigation. This kind of investigation needs a private investigator to put his or her creative cap on as obtaining financial information is one of the more challenging things to do in a legal manner.

The private investigation will start with a basic search for tangible assets. This may be obtained from public records such as tax returns filed, real property, motor vehicle registration, aircraft and watercraft registrations, divorce proceedings, civil litigations, probate filings, corporate filings as well as patent and trademarks. They may give you an idea of how much a person or business entity is worth but not the complete picture as financial assets like bank accounts and brokerage accounts are a hard nut to crack thanks to the privacy laws. When doing an asset investigation, accessing information with regards to financial assets helps to give a clear, more precise picture on the worth of the subject under investigation. Financial asset investigation may be a hard nut to crack, but there are legal ways a private investigator can use to obtain such information. One of them is looking into divorce proceedings as a complete financial history must be disclosed on divorce files so as to determine asset distribution.

If the subject under investigation has ever been involved in a civil or criminal litigation, a private investigator can obtain the court records so as to have a faint inclination on the financial asset the person or business entity may have. If the business or person has ever filed a credit application, more often than not will be required to provide their bank details and account numbers. This information may be accessed in a credit bureau as they are used to do a credit check before loans or other credit services are offered. Be sure to check the credit score of the business entity or person under investigation to determine whether they pay their debts on time. If all else fails, the private investigator may be required to do a dumpster run or a trash cover. Information obtained from the garbage is considered legally obtained as once it is thrown out it is considered public property and anyone can retrieve the information needed. Asset investigation needs an ethical, well trained individual as it requires a certain amount if shrewdness to obtain the pertinent information required.


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