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An Overview of Services of an SG Private Investigator

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An Overview of Services of an SG Private Investigator

Private detectives have a very important role in the society as they are the keys to unlock treasures of information and crucial facts. So a typical SG private investigator has an interesting and meaningful life. The services of private detectives can be requested both by individuals and companies. People need them for cross checking of proofs to win a case in the court; lawyers also need their help frequently; police have a close association with private detectives to dig down leads to finding major criminals; problems in marriages and producing vital evidence while filing for divorce is also done with the help of private detectives. Private detectives can even be used to evaluate an investment group to help a potential investor decide if it is safe to invest money with the group. This due diligence of investment companies is a relatively new service by the private detectives and is gaining importance in the 21st century given the increased frequency of frauds and Ponzi schemes. However the service that is the most profitable to private investigators to this date is the one that divorced couples require e.g. child custody issues, monetary disputes etc.  Other services include tracking of missing persons, evaluating identity thefts, educational verifications, criminal checks, real estate examining, pre and post-employment screening etc.
The law requires SG private investigator to have a license for practice. This license is quite hard to get in Singapore because the government is very picky and precise about the different criteria that need to be met. However it is important because the potential clients feel much safer hiring the services of a licensed private investigator – then they do not have to fear losing their money without any work done. A private investigator may keep arms with permission from the law. A private investigator is not required to be formally educated but has a professional training on the private investigations techniques. This and/or experience with law enforcement, police service adds to the experience and skills of a private investigator. A private investigator is also equipped with the skills of using a computer for storing information securely. Skills more relevant to the investigation job include finger print recording and analysis, knowing how to handle evidence, knowledge of investigative techniques and investigation tools, ability to disguise well, being good at role-playing etc. A private investigator may need to pretend being a successful business-man at one time and a road-side beggar at another. So basically there is no end to the skills of a private investigator.
Hiring the services of a private investigator is legal in Singapore. Private investigators need to be hired to help you find some crucial evidence about a suspect. You could not possibly do the spying yourself because the suspect you are tracking knows you and it would be much difficult to maintain secrecy this way. It is the duty of the investigator to do his job stealthily taking care not to give any hint to the suspect being monitored. There is a high demand for private investigators and they are frequently hired. The services of an SG private investigator cost according to the nature of job they are hired for. Usually the payment is charged according to the number of days required in completion of the job and at least 50% of the payment is required to be paid upon the agreement of the contract. Additional and unforeseen tasks during the contract usually require an extra payment that covers up excess cost. For protecting your privacy, the private investigators don’t share your information with any third party and 

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