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An Insight into Work of Private Investigator and Detective

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An Insight into Work of Private Investigator and Detective


The work of a private investigator and detective can be categorized based on services provided to individuals and services provided to corporate customers. Both categories may include similar services but their impact is different. Services provided to an individual will be expected to give rise individual oriented results, while corporate customers may use a same service for other reasons. For example, corporate clients hire a private detective to search for a debtor, while individual may hire private detective to search a missing person closed to that individual client. In both cases services are meant to trace missing person but they have different motives. Usually corporate investigations employ more sophisticated techniques and require more resources than an individual instance. More, individual investigations are carried out for relationship purpose that is matrimonial children surveillance etc. while corporate clients may require business targeted probes and these investigations are concerns of an aggregate. And such investigations are carried out with consideration of greater good. At individual level investigation services serve as social probe, concentrating more on people with certain behavioral analysis that may not be used in corporate level. At corporate level organizations private investigators might feel ease there is lesser involvement of emotions due to high formality and an impersonal nature of corporations.  

After a comparison of services for corporations and individuals, we can have look into services delivered to each client in detail. The private investigators and detectives which are also referred as private eye perform business oriented probe into particular areas of fraud. More often than not, the accountants who are also expert in forensic auditing will perform business investigations because of involvement of finance. Typically, accountants are not forensic experts but developing their career through knowledge and training they become able to perform such investigations. However other non-financial investigations may be performed by other general investigators. Typical examples of work performed by investigators include, internal fraud audit, debugging of board meeting rooms, collecting intelligence, tracing evidences in insurance claims, chasing debtor, assisting legal counselors in certain investigations and adopting counter measures to protect privacy of clients.

Individuals usually request services for personal reasons. These investigations may not involve methods and ways as used in corporate level. People engage investigators for pre-marital probe, cheating spouse, surveillance of children, collecting evidences to support divorce and some other private inquiries. Interestingly there is rise in detecting cheating spouse and premarital probe as society is on its way of losing values. Spouses indulge in unethical practices that cause stress in their wives and husbands. That is why spouses engage private investigators and detectives to get themselves out of the alarming situation by reaching the solutions. Nowadays investigations involve many sophisticated techniques to catch cheating spouse. This includes voice recording, filming, DNA analysis, semen analysis etc. on the other side premarital probe are carried more intensively in the eastern societies where girls marry a guy with the acceptance of their parents. And parents will obtain thorough information pertaining to a guy to know about any wrong doing before time. Other reasons for employing a detective can be child surveillance. Parents want to tension free regarding their children. To keep them safe parents may appoint a private eye look into activities their children are carrying. Private investigation has proved to strengthening and giving more care to families   


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