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A private investigator saved my life. True story

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A private investigator saved my life. True story


Hallo my dear readers; my name is Kate, I’m 22 and I’m a college student from Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America; you know the city, don’t you? The one with all those Irish traditions: shamrocks, St. Patrick’s celebrations, the Boston Celtics as local basketball team… Come on, you must know about this city. Is the one in which the first big uprising against the British Empire started: have you ever heard about it in the high school? When those people, dressed like native Americans, dropped a whole load of tea into the sea as a sign of protest against the British taxes.
Anyway, I’m not here to give you an history lesson, if you just don’t know where Boston is, just look on the Wikipedia if you have some spare time; also is not so relevant for the main reason why I’m writing this article: to tell you the story of how a private investigator saved my life.

Everything started four months ago: I was in my second year of college (I’m studying economy) and I decided to try an experience abroad. With the consent of my beloved parents, I moved to the beautiful country of Italy, exactly in Rome, the capital city (now please don’t tell me that you don’t know where Rome is, because in this case the history lesson will just take too long).
In Italy everything was perfect and I was enjoying myself a lot: having best food of my life, visiting amazing artistic and historical sites, loving the weather and last but not least, also having lots of fun with my new Italian friends.
I know what’s on your mind right now: “and when does in happen that something goes wrong and you found yourself in such a bad situation that you needed a private investigator to save your life?”

Good question, and legit curiosity. Actually happened during the Spring break, when I was on a trip through Germany, exactly I was in Hamburg, hosted in the local student’s accommodation.
During the Spring break, as you can imagine, you just party a lot; and this was what I was doing, basically every night. One of these nights, I was dancing in a club in the down town of Hamburg, when somebody stole my bag. Seems nothing special or dangerous, but, did I tell you that I have a rare disease and that my medicine is not so common and you only get it once in several months and have to make it last until the company releases the new delivery? No? Ok, now I did.
Maybe was my fault to take my medicine to that club, but I feel much more safe if I always have it with me, and also this hasn’t made any difference in finding it before I got a crisis, a private investigator made the difference.

After I realized that I got no choice but find the bag, I was almost desperate and I immediately contacted my parents, they came with the idea of hiring a private investigator and decided to do it on that same night, every hour could have been decisive for my life. So we found an emergency hotline and called them.
They woke up an agent and sent him to the club. He was super effective, in 20 minutes after my phone call he was already looking for any clue that might have led to my bag. In his experience, he knew that thieves always want to steal what is valuable and often throw away the rest, so it was all about find the bag in some trash bin or something like this.
He used all his resources to contact some snatchers that he used to know. He just explained them the situation and, after a few minutes, they came back with the site in which the bag was thrown, without ask more question, we just got there and (thank god) we found the bag!

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