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A Private Investigator or a Detective Will Do

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A Private Investigator or a Detective Will Do


In a child’s eyes, the superhero saves everyone no matter who is the enemy, what is the enemy’s power or capabilities, who are its minions, wherever it hides or whatever it does. A superhero would always be there to save the day. A hero would find where the villain hid its hostage and the superhero will come just on time to save the day. But really, this was not my childhood. I was never fond nor amazed with those super people. What caught my curiosity as a child or even as I grew up were movies such as Pink Panther, Johnny English, and James Bond.  And they were not super heroes. They were just ordinary people. But each one of them worked as a private investigator or detective at their own rights. Yes, they didn’t have superpowers, what they had were skills in defending themselves. They cannot fly but they do drive nice cars with special features. They were not capable of super vision but they knew how to connect and analyze events to realize how and when different occurrences came about. They were never clapped for or cheered for but they very well knew how to analyze people.
Too much about childhood, let’s get down to business. In a child’s eye, this society needs a superhero but in reality what is actually needed to solve the crimes and lessen their rates, is a private investigator or detective together with other authorities such as the police and the armed forces, ofcourse. We walk on the streets today without knowing what could happen to us in a blink. Some people suddenly disappear while some are hit without them knowing. Watching the news today made me realize that almost everywhere, one could easily break into someone else’s house and kill whoever or steal whatever he wants and easily get away with it. In the internet, anyone could easily hack other people’s credit card accounts, steal other people’s identity, or post something bad about a person, organization, or even a nation. And yes, they get away with it despite the fact that they are expected to pay for what they did wrong. And this boils down to one single and serious issue, we need security. And rather than it being a right, security nowadays is more of a privilege. If you could afford it, you’re lucky; if not, I’m sorry.
A lot of cases would have ended without given justice if it were not for the private investigator or detective who handled the. Take for example Michael Jackson’s death. If there were no good investigators who looked at the different perspectives and evidences pertaining to his death, we would have never known that real reason why he dies and the circumstances which brought about the event. Moreover, we must acknowledge the fact that private investigation is not merely limited to deaths or crimes alone. To this day, to protect us, it would be wise for us to utilize this service in case we need it. For example, if we suspect that our spouses are cheating, rather than following them around, maybe we could hire someone to do the job for us. That way, the investigation wouldn’t be biased and we’ll spare ourselves from the stress of doing so that is, if we could afford it we could hire a private investigator. Same is true if we are in need of new employees for our businesses or caretakers in our homes. We could always rely on a skilled private investigator to do the background check of these people before hiring them. The point here is, the utilization of the service depends on how we embrace it.


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