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A Private Investigator can be a Mystery Shopper

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A Private Investigator can be a Mystery Shopper


When we think of a private investigator, we think of an individual who solves mysterious and is a serious person who indulges in digital forensics, litigation support, hidden asset tracing, fraud investigations and all the other serious stuff. Well, it turns out that a private investigator can be a mystery shopper! This should come as no surprise as a private investigator has the creativity, sense of adventure, surveillance skills as well as undercover skills that make him or her good candidate for that assignment. For those who do not know who a mystery shopper is, let me fill you in. This is an individual contracted by a market research company, consumer watch dog organizations or even a shopping mall to obtain information about certain goods or services, or to measure quality of service, and / or compliance to regulation. All the private investigator has to do is perform a specific task and provide detailed feedback or reports about their experience.

Since the private investigator has the skills to camouflage and morph into a situation, they make good candidates for mystery shopping. Their interview skills as well as their analytical minds and keen eye to detail make them an excellent candidate for being chosen as a mystery shopper. The private investigator will go to the assigned store, purchase an item, ask questions about the product, register complaints and ask for the store manager where necessary, may be required to behave in an unruly or obnoxious manner or any behaviour specified by the client, and observe all that is going on around them and then asked to give a detailed account of their experience as well as the quality of the purchase made and the customer service received and if there are any red flags or fraudulent activities he or she has noted while in there. This will help the client evaluate the quality of customer service as well as the integrity of the employees.

In the course of being a mystery shopper, a private investigator may be required to discreetly record the experience using audio, video or audio visual devices so as it may be used as evidence in case any illegal matter is noted. The private investigator will rely on their surveillance and undercover experience as well as field work experience to carry the assignment off without a hitch. Taking part in mystery shopping whilst recording evidence, using digital devices, may prove to be a hard task to a person who has neither surveillance skills nor undercover work experience. A private investigator will also be best placed to analyze the information obtained to come up with solid evidence that may be used in a court of law as he or she has the requisite skills to do so as it is in their line of work.

In most cases, it required to hire a mystery shopper who is conversant with the laws of the land. A private investigator is already well trained in all the legal aspects of conducting an investigation and thus they will know what boundaries not to cross in the course of the business investigation. As they are trained to observe, a private investigator is better placed to offer precise and concise information about the mystery shopping experience. Licensed private investigators have also been given the privilege of collecting evidence like their counterparts in law enforcement. This will ensure that any evidence that the private investigator has collected as a mystery shopper may be used in a court of law. This will provide you with verification you need to confront the employees or the business entity if they are flaunting the set down rules and guidelines. Mystery shopping can be considered as an investigation as any other so we should not be surprised that a private investigator is a mystery consumer as it falls just on his or her doorstep.


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