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A Look Behind Maintenance Re-adjustment

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A Look Behind Maintenance Re-adjustment


You may have successfully filed your maintenance claim or paid the claim to your former spouse in court but later on, there would be some changes needed in order for your payment and claims to work out simultaneously. Therefore in this process, you would need to work on a maintenance re-adjustment. Maintenance re-adjustment is either the increase of receivables or decrease of payment you have to receive/pay in a maintenance claim. In order to apply for this re-adjustment, there would be a court proceeding for it to be granted. If you cannot work this out by yourself, you can also ask for the services of a private investigator. A private investigator is a trained or licensed individual who may come from a police unit or a military group. He may also be a practicing lawyer as private investigator may have the need of the background of laws which tend to be different in every country.

Like in filing a maintenance claim, filing for a maintenance re-adjustment is also lengthy and for some, troublesome. For complainants and those who are paying maintenance claims, they hire a private investigator to help them gather evidences which would enable to prove to court the need for re-adjustment. It is lengthy because in court proceedings, people tend to squash a proceeding if they had seen something that would pull them away from a possible conviction. If you want to prove easily how much you need the re-adjustment, you must gather truthful and relevant evidence that can support your case. Never fish for anything in a court proceeding. The private investigator could add statements of the people close to you as evidence on why you need to re-adjust. Of course, what is essential in the investigator – client relationship is cooperation which amounts for the success of the project.

Maintenance re-adjustment may take of any of the following forms: having no job (for both sides) – for the one who is paying for the claim, he could give his termination letter or other stuff that would answer why he has no job. For the one who is claiming, he can use this with the hopes of levering up the claim. Change in cost of living – this is very particular nowadays when prices go higher every day one can ask for an increase in maintenance claim or decrease in the matter he pays provided he has the supporting facts. For re-married ex-spouse to adjust in accordance to what is due for them since they have other families to attend to. Maintenance re-adjustment may also take place when there is a demolition job or damage done to the opposing party and the latter has to pay for damages, all these, before being attained must be discussed in court.

If you are willing to undergo this maintenance re-adjustment to help you (either you as the one paying for the claim or you as the one claiming) learn to be patient about dealing with things, investigators, court proceedings and the like. Be a cooperative client to your investigator. These people are tasked to give you the results at the quickest turn-around time possible so as not to compromise your money and time as well. They can perform surveillance on witnesses that can be helpful to your case as well as gather evidence which can be essential for your case. If you think you cannot do this alone, do not hesitate to contact your investigator about it. They could be anywhere, you can even use your favorite search engine to find them. They had successfully modernized their services to cater to your needs. So don’t waste your time worrying and seek help, now!


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