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A Diary of a Singapore Detective

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A Diary of a Singapore Detective

It is year 2012, and for ten years I have been working as a Singapore Detective.  A lot of people hire me for I was able to build a good reputation over time.  I was assigned to different tasks anywhere in Singapore and even around the world.  I never stay in one place for a long time since my duty is to gather relevant information from a person, organization or a place.  I have to disappear immediately to avoid being caught.  And I also have to blend in to the crowd, be with them, and even become one of them in order not to be noticed.  And if I believe I have spent enough time, I would suddenly disappear from the crowd with no traces or evidence left for them to follow.  All they would have is a vague memory of me.  It is vital for me not to be discovered for it does not only ruin my life but the mission as well.  Yes, I give more importance to the task than my own life.  I would rather die than let them catch me.  That is how I work.  And it would not matter because I have no one and nothing.  It is hard for me to settle to a married life, in this kind of job, my family will be in greater danger than I am.  And I don’t want anything to happen to my family that is why I don’t plan of making one.
I was once tasked to find out who the syndicate leader was.  That syndicate was one of the most wanted by the Singapore police back then.  They did a lot of illegal activities such as drug and human trafficking, kidnap for ransom, murder, theft and robbery.  It was hard for the police to get to them because the bad guys never stayed in one place for a long time and no one would ever talk about them.  And if the police was able to catch one of the crooks, no matter how they interrogate, he wouldn’t give any information still.  The only way the police thought to catch the boss himself is by infiltrating the syndicate without being noticed.  And no one does the task better than a Singapore Detective.
It was easy to get inside the syndicate.  They only have muscles and no brains.  They never ask anything, just as long as you love to do what they do and that will be it.  The hard part was for them to trust me enough to bring me to their leader.  It took me a few weeks of robbing, stealing and killing before I was able to meet the devil.  I needed to be one of them in order not to be noticed.  I did everything they did, but in all those times, I was still focused with my mission.  All for the mission.  I worked hard to gain the boss’ approval and trust until I became his most trusted.  He would ask me to fetch drug deliveries and any illegal activities.  All those time I kept on providing the Singapore police information and each illegal activity was compromised.  Good thing the boss did not doubt me and still kept on trusting me.  He did until I turned him to the police.  He was caught off guard and while he was cuffed, all he could do was stare at me, and might have thought how I was able to fool him.  Till this day, I am still working as a Singapore detective, still a shadow in the crowd, striving hard to keep the country peaceful.

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