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A Cheating spouse in Singapore

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A Cheating spouse in Singapore

Mrs lee thought she was a good wife, she loved and respected her husband until one day she notice a few things about him and his routine had changed. He was going away on “business” to Singapore more often and he started changing the way he dressed, even started wearing cologne.  He seemed to be more distant and when the phone rang he’d get jumpy and dash to the phone to answer it.  When Mrs Lee would ask who it was he would often respond with, “Nobody” or “wrong number”.  If it was nobody or the wrong number why did it take so long.  Mr Lee also became attached to his mobile and would take it with him everywhere. Is this starting to sound familiar? Mr Lee was a cheating spouse in Singapore and but not in his home, these where separate to him.  In fact he didn’t even consider what he was doing was cheating, he felt he had certain needs that he felt were best fulfilled elsewhere.  He was living a double life and poor misses Lee didn’t have a clue. She could only guess and when she would ask him he would tell her to stop making a big deal out of things, or something to that affect. She got no wear fast. She knew she could catch her cheating spouse in Singapore.  So she start looking for ways to get proof, seen as he was giving anything away
Believe it or not that was a made up story. but parts of it are true in some peoples live at some point in their marriage.  With 50% of women in marriages and 60% of married men cheating on the counterparts.  Catching a cheating spouse in a small city is hard but catching a cheating spouse in Singapore can be near impossible.  With the know how you might not necessarily catch them in the act but you could get enough proof to prove beyond reasonable doubt. You could start by approaching them and asking them but this may not be wise at first, this may make them become more cautious and start covering their tracks more.  You might start with cell phone records.  Cell phone records hold a wealth of information.  Starting with the numbers called the most especially at strange times when you expected them to be busy.  If you worried about them finding out you’ve opened their mail you can look up ways to open mail without them know on the internet.  Getting as much information in the beginning will really help you piece together a good picture.  Other types of information you could look for are till receipts, bank statements anything you can get your hands on.   When dealing with out of town cheating it can difficult to know where to start.  Some people call upon private investigators to help them get the evidence.
A good private investigator wouldn’t have any problems finding details of a cheating spouse in Singapore or any other place for that matter.  When you consider the amount of strategies and tools these guys use you can see why.  Most investigations start with general back ground checks, these will reveal all sorts of weird and wonderful things about the person under investigation . In some case lots of things that come out might not even be known about the spouse. On top of that they have surveillance were they can stakeout known sites were the infidelity may be taking place. Honey traps are another service offered if you suspect your spouse is the opportunistic type.  Investing in a private detective may get the proof but a lot of people are unprepared to deal with the consequences of finding out the person they loved with all their heart could do this to them.  If you have been cheated on and it has been confirmed it was a sexual relationship you may look to get tested for STDs.  Not getting checked out will only cause stress and slow down the moving on process. A lot marriages can be saved with counselling but it you feel you won’t be able to look at that person again, it may be best to walk away.  

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